Exit Exam

The final requirement for the Professional Master's Degree in ABCB is passing performance on an innovative exit exam that will require an original, scholarly piece of work that may take one of many forms. It could be a comprehensive review paper on an appropriate topic. Alternatively, the student could be requested to formulate a solution to a problem likely to be encountered in the particular career track chosen. It might be appropriate for the student to write a mock journal article or technical report on work encountered during an internship or other research-training phase of the degree. We envision that some students may already have positions secured prior to completion of the exit exam. In these cases we would consult with the appropriate corporate partner to determine the type of exercise that would be most beneficial to the student's preparation for employment. The Advisory Committee will determine the nature and time frame for completion of the final exam and will evaluate the exam per University guidelines. It is the intent of this innovative exit exam to reinforce the discipline-specific competency and to provide an evaluation tool for relevant problem-solving abilities and writing skills.