Curriculum & Program Outline

Degree requirements include a minimum total of 33 credits: 18 credits of Conceptual Courses, plus any combination of 8 credits of Practical Coursework Options that include workshops and advanced laboratory classes and 7 credits of Professional Master's cohort courses including professional development courses, public policy/regulatory courses, seminars and internships.

An Internship (3 credits of GRAD 5930) is required in this program. The internship will provide students in ABCB the opportunity to develop their skills in an applied setting, which will be tailored to the student’s interests. The internship may be conducted in the laboratory of an ABCB faculty member, a facility associated with UConn’s COR2E, or at a partnering company. At present, potential partners include AddGene, Alexion, Boehringer Ingelheim, Protein Sciences, Pfizer, and Signum Biosciences.

The practical experience provided by this internship represents one of the key differences between ABCB and both Plan A and Plan B MS degrees currently offered in MCB. It is an intermediate level of laboratory immersion that is better suited to the outcomes of our anticipated students’ interest.

ABCB Courses