ABCB Courses

A. Conceptual Courses (minimum of 18 credits required)

MCB 4026W, Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory, 4 cr.

MCB 5008, Techniques of Biophysical Chemistry, 3 cr.

MCB 5012, Foundations of Structural Biochemistry, 3 cr.

MCB 5003, Biophysical Chemistry, 3 cr.

MCB 5200, Cell Biology of the Mammalian Secretory Apparatus, 3 cr.

MCB 5250, Techniques in Cellular Analysis, 3 cr.

MCB5280, Advanced Cell Biology, 3 cr.

MCB 3211 Cancer Cell Biology and Genetics, 3 cr.

MCB 3219 Developmental and Regenerative Biology, 3 cr.

MCB 4211 Basic Immunology, 3 cr.

MCB 5217 Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids and Proteins, 3 cr.

MCB5255 Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 2 cr.

MCB 5240 Virology, 3 cr.

MCB 5299 Current Topics in Cell Biology, 1 cr.

MCB 5454 Molecular Aspects of Genetics, 2 cr.

MCB 5471 Current Topics in Molecular Evolution and Systemics, 1 cr.

MCB 5681 Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity, 3 cr.

MCB 5895 Independent Study, 1 cr.

PHRX 3001, Foundations in Bioinorganic Chemistry, 3 cr.

PHAR 5471 Advanced Pharmacology I: Basic Principles, 3 cr.

PHAR 5472 Advanced Pharmacology II: Drug Disposition, 2 cr.

PHAR 6455 Advanced Toxicology, 4 cr.

PNB 3260 Stem Cell Biology, 3 cr.

PNB 5270 Molecular Endocrinology, 3cr.

B. Practical Coursework Options (minimum of 8 credits)

MCB 5896-052, Introduction to Flow Cytometry, 1 cr.

MCB 5896-XXX, Introduction to Microscopy, 1 cr, N.

MCB 5896-XXX, Practical Applications of Cell Culture, 1 cr.

MCB 5896-XXX, Multimode Plate Reader, 1 cr., N

MCB XXXX, Biophysical Analysis of Macromolecules, 1 cr., D

Pharm XXXX, Bioinorganic Chemistry, 3 cr.

MCB 5427, Laboratory Techniques in Functional Genomics, 1 cr., D

MCB 5430, Analysis of Eukaryotic Functional Genomic Data, 3 cr.

MCB 5670, Theory and Practice of Laboratory Techniques in Microbiology, 1 cr., D

MCB 5671, Advanced Theory and Practice of Laboratory Techniques in Microbiology, 2 cr., D

MCB 5672, Applied Bioinformatics, 1 cr.

MCB 6897, Research, 1-6 cr.

C. Professional Master’s Cohort Courses (minimum 7 credits) (Must include MCB/GRAD 5900 Professional Writing/Communication skills,  MCB 5490 Industrial Insights – Lab Management, two semesters of MCB 5491 Professional Development Seminar. (all four courses are required for first-year students) and 3 credits of GRAD 5930 Full-Time Directed Studies-Internship)

MCB 5896-XXX, Frontiers in Drug Discovery, 1 cr., D, N

MCB 5490, Industrial Insights, 1 cr.

MCB 5491, Professional Development Seminar, 1 cr.

MCB/GRAD 5900, Professional Writing / Communication Skills, 1 cr.

MCB/GRAD 5910, Responsible Conduct in Research in Genomics and Life Sciences, 1 cr.

GRAD 5930, Full-Time Directed Studies (Master’s Level) – Internship, 3 cr.

*D, Different sections may be taken for repeat credit.
*N, courses that are being developed for this program.